★Since the temporary suspension of residence-truck
due to the declaration of a state of emergency
that was reported on January 13 has been decided,
we have updated the information on the refusal of new entry for foreign nationals.
The following is a brief summary of what we have confirmed with the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, as well as with the Immigration Bureau of Japan.
※This information is based on the information as of 13Jan.

Regarding foreign
nationals entering Japan

Re-entry of foreign nationals with a status of residence
 ⇒Re-entry is possible even from landing refusal countries.

New entry from landing refusal country
 ⇒As a general rule, new entry from 28Dec to 31Jan is not possible.
※Even if you are from landing refusal country,those who already have a visa to enter Japan can enter Japan by 03Jan. (Excluding entry from the UK and South Africa)
※However, if you are considered to have "special circumstances" such as the example below, you can specially enter Japan if you have a visa to enter Japan.
・New entry of spouse / child of foreign nationality with Japanese nationality and permanent resident status.
・New entry of spouse / child of foreign nationality if you are a foreign national with long-term resident status and your family are separated from Japan and other country.
For other "special circumstances", please refer to the specific cases that landing is permitted.

New entry from a country not designated landing refusal country or a country that landing refusal has been dedesignated
 ⇒New entry is possible from 28Dec to 31Jan.

Regarding technical intern
trainees entering Japan

■For the following 11 countries, entry by residence truck scheme has been temporarily suspended from January 21 until the state of emergency is lifted. (It can be permitted to enter Japan until January 20.)
The state of emergency is currently expected to be lifted on February 7, but there is a possibility that it may be extended.
Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos Myanmar,
Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, South Korea, China
※Although Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, South Korea, and China are countries that have been lifted from the landing refusal designation, visas will not be available for residence tracks from January 21 until the declaration of the state of emergency is lifted, and new entry will not be possible.

Regarding the return
of Japanese nationality

■Japanese returnees may return to Japan even if traveling from a country that has been denied entry.

However, until the declaration of the state of emergency is lifted, Japanese returnees will be required to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours of departure time, regardless of whether Japanese returnees are traveling from a country or region subject to denial of entry, or whether Japanese returnees are using a business or residence truck.
Japanese returnees will be tested again when returning to Japan, and will be required to wait at home for 14 days.
It is also required that Japanese returnees do not use public transportation for 14 days after entering Japan.
If Japanese returnees are returning to Japan from a country where a mutated strain of the virus is endemic, or from a country or region where an infected person with the mutated virus has been confirmed, Japanese returnees are required to wait for three days at a place designated by the quarantine station chief (an accommodation facility secured by the quarantine station), in addition to the above inspection conditions.
If Japanese returnees are found to be negative, Japanese returnees will leave the accommodation provided by the quarantine station and stay at home until 14 days have passed from the time Japanese returnees entered the country.

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